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Weeks AlongAppointment Details
8-9•Confirmation of Pregnancy with vaginal ultrasound
•Baseline Universal Laboratory testing
•Update of electronic medical record
•Insurance/Financial review
•Receive Welcome Packet and Arbor Pregnancy Handbook
10-12•Courtesy ultrasound to confirm a growing pregnancy
•Pelvic and physical exam, test for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, Pap
•Review of blood test results
•Review/discuss options for Chromosome Screening Tests for the fetus (such as Down Syndrome), and Genetic Carrier Screening for Mom
•Optional appointment for Nuchal Translucency testing
•Reminder to schedule Birth Class if desired
15•Just to check in with you and listen to the baby’s heartbeat!
18-20•Ultrasound for fetal anatomy screening and development
•Boy vs. Girl … if you want to know!
•Provider review of ultrasound and other results with you
23-24•Routine Check-up
28•Plan for 90 minutes in our office for this appointment
•Lab screening for Gestational Diabetes (Glucola) and Anemia
•Vaccination for Pertussis (Tdap)
•Start Fetal Kick Counts
•Rh Negative mothers receive RhoGAM
•Start scheduling pre-planned C-Section, if appropriate
•Receive our Third Trimester Information handout
31-32•Routine Check-Up
34-35•Routine Check-Up
36-37•Group B Strep vaginal swab testing
•Confirm the baby is ‘head first’
38•Routine Check-up & cervix exam
•Preoperative visit with physician if you having a C/Section
39•Routine Check-up & cervix exam
40 - You're Due!•Routine Check-up & cervix exam
•Discuss potential dates for Induction of Labor, if not delivered by
41-42 weeks
41•Routine Check-up & cervix exam
•Fetal Well-being testing (Non-Stress Test, Biophysical Profile)
•Ensure Induction by 42 weeks
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