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Telehealth at Arbor

The coronavirus pandemic has required that we minimize the number of physical interactions among the medical staff and our patients.  To that end, we have amplified our Telehealth program.  Telehealth has many formats, but we use it primarily as an audio-only (phone) appointment at set time with one of our clinical providers.

Since we have reduced in-person visits, our demand for Telehealth visits have increased dramatically — and so specific appointment times have become the best solution.

Insurance.  Your insurance will be billed at a customary rate, which is related to the length and/or complexity of the Telehealth consultation. Your standard co-pay will apply, just as if you were physically seen in our office.  This is similar to any internet-based commercial Telehealth urgent care medical service.  During the pandemic Aetna has offered to waive most co-pays, but BCBS, United, and Cigna still require it.  Insurance rules are evolving every week.

What to Expect.
-> We can arrange a Telehealth appointment based on your medical need and time constraints.  Most calls last about 15 minutes.
-> A clinical staff member will call you at the appointed time and ‘check-in’ to our health record.  She will ask you to consent to a Telehealth consult as an alternative to an in-person office visit.  She may ask you a couple of preliminary screening questions to help your provider prepare for the call.
-> In the event that the provider will be delayed, we will still call to notify you … and possibly arrange an alternative time.
-> You will be placed on a BRIEF hold, while the provider is notified.  (We are embarrassed that we are having trouble updating our old Atrium ObGyn hold music and message!)
-> Your provider will pick up your call, and document your conversation points and medical needs in the record. Prescriptions and laboratory orders can be authorized at that time.
-> At the end of the call you may simply hang up.  We will process the call with your insurer.  If you have a co-pay, that will be charged to your credit-card-on-file and you will be notified.

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