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What is a sonohysterogram?

It is an ultrasound test in which the interior cavity of the uterus is examined, aided by filling the cavity with liquid. After visualizing the uterus with ultrasound, a slender catheter, or tube, is placed into the uterus through the cervix, and a small amount of saline solution is gently injected. This opens up the cavity to ultrasound examination, and abnormalities such as uterine fibroid tumors and polyps can more clearly be seen.

Where do I have this performed?

Sonohysterograms are completed in our office.

When should I have an SHG performed?

A sonohysterogram may be done at any time except when you are menstruating.

What will I experience during this test?

Although the degree of discomfort is quite variable, most patients have at least some low abdominal cramping with insertion of the catheter and instillation of the saline. Two to four ibuoprofen taken just prior to the test should help with any discomfort during the test.

Who interprets the test and when will I hear the results?

Since a physician performs the test, he or she will analyze the images and provide a report to you immediately.

If you have any questions about sonohysterograms that are not addressed here, please contact our office at (919) 781-9555 ext. 220.

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