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As you know, we deliver our babies at Rex Hospital.  (Rex is now fulling integrated with the University of North Carolina Health System and you may see the name formally changed to UNC REX HealthCare).  We also perform gynecologic surgeries there and admit our ill patients.  Rex has the best reputation among birth centers in the Triangle.  Nearly 500 babies are born at the Rex Women’s Center each month and yet it still feels like the small intimate experience most mothers-to-be crave.  Rex has a full complement of neonatal physicians, anesthesiologists, lactation specialists, and nurses to accommodate nearly every newborn situation.  The labor nurses are fantastic and dedicated to coaching you and supporting your ideas about childbirth.  The postpartum nurses are experts in your baby’s care during the first few days. The administrative staff streamlines the complexities of hospital admission, insurance, and birth certificates as well.  We love working at Rex!

We are not employed by Rex, however.  We are independent from Rex and independent from other Ob/Gyn practices in our clinical decision making and advocacy for our Arbor patients.  Rex does not own or employ any Ob/Gyn practices directly, and UNC obstetricians and residents do not practice at Rex.  The multiple Ob/Gyn groups that deliver at Rex comprise the Ob/Gyn Department, which serves as a partner to Rex to ensure the highest quality of care available to you.  Most of Rex’s policies for inpatient maternity care were developed in concert with our Department and have your best health in mind.  A hospital delivery is designed to ensure mothers and babies go home together, and go home healthy!

UNC Maternal-Fetal Medicine (high-risk) physicians are available for consultation to us when needed.… Starting point webpage for the Birth Center at Rex!  Use this link to pre-register.  Under the Maternity heading review these unique resources:

Pregnancy & Parenting Classes, Pregnancy & Parenting Newsletter, Labor & Delivery, OB Hospitalists & OB Emergency Department, Breastfeeding Support, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists, Cord Blood Donation, Postpartum Educational Resources, Financial Aspects of your Care, Newborn Photography Services.

Also, download the REX Women’s Center Pregnancy Information Packet for additional information about delivering your baby at UNC REX, caring for yourself during and after your pregnancy, and caring for your growing family.  This pamphlet may have been including your orientation folder at Arbor.

Consider getting the UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby app for your cell phone, link located on this Maternity webpage.

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