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What is IMPLANON™?

IMPLANON is a single-rod implant for subdermal use that offers women up to 3 years of contraceptive protection. It was recently approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. The rod is implanted into the upper inside of the arm.

Who is a good candidate for receiving IMPLANON?

Any woman who is not currently pregnant and has no history of thrombosis or thromboembolic disorders; hepatic tumors or active liver disease, breast cancer or abnormal vaginal bleeding. We will require you to have a pregnancy test prior to inserting IMPLANON unless the IMPLANON is inserted while you are menstruating.

What if I need birth control for more than three years?

You must have IMPLANON removed after three years; however, you may choose to have another IMPLANON inserted after taking out the old one.

What are the most common side effects of IMPLANON? 

The most commone side effects are irregular and unpredictable bleeding. Other side effects are mood swings, weight gain, headache, acne and depression. Use of hormonal contraceptives is associated with increased risks of several serious cardiovascular conditions including heart attack, stroke, venous thromboembolism, deep venous thrombosis, retinal vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. IMPLANON™ should be removed in the event of a thrombosis or in the event of long-term immobilization due to surgery or illness. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects from the use of hormonal contraceptives. Women who use hormonal contraceptives are strongly advised not to smoke.

What if I should become pregnant while using IMPLANON?

You should see your provider right away to remove IMPLANON. Based on experience with birth control pills, IMPLANON is not likely to cause birth defects.

Can I use IMPLANON when I’m breastfeeding?

You may start IMPLANON if you are breastfeeding and if you delivered your baby four or more weeks ago.

Where can I find more information about IMPLANON?


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