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See our COVID-19 Update. (updated 08/19/21)

N.C. still requires MASKS for EVERYONE in healthcare offices.  PATIENTS ONLY on premises.

      Please get your vaccine now!  Visit    

If you have any symptoms of Covid or have recent close-contact exposure, please call our office 919-781-9555 before your scheduled appointment. 

Are you tired of taking a birth control pill or simply having trouble remembering to take it every day? Did you know that recently there have been several new longer-acting methods of contraception made available to women that include:

  • a contraceptive vaginal ring that lasts a month
  • a hormonal secreting IUD that lasts five years
  • an office procedure that is permanent

Each method is as effective as the pill and some are reversible if you decide you want to become pregnant. Also, some have fewer side effects than the pill and even decrease your menstrual flow significantly.

So if the pill never worked for you because of side effects, forgetfulness or inconvenience, talk with your provider about these new methods of contraception and whether one might be right for you.

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